Jean-Marc Beckers

interior design

Our domain, "interior design" creation and development of spaces (public, private, short lived)


We are a group of creative interior designers that can take any space. large or small and transform it to fit your needs. We create your space in your image. making it personable. unique and intimate. The lighting. the ceiling system. the colors; anything and everything are our tools and with them we customize and create the perfect space for our customers.

We are also present in short-lived places, using other techniques : The scenography. the story for a evening, a week.

The works at pertections,
creation of custom made furnitures, lighting, 
A resolutely contemporary and dynamic image!


Onlyb is not only an engineering consulting lirm. but also a contracting company. With our team of highly trained and experienced designers and engineers, we guarantee a fair budget. work that gets done on time and an end result that is nothing short from perfection.